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Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
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Wu-Tang Clan Live Exhibition Copy.png
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BLAG is proud to present online exhibition, 'Wu-Tang Clan Live'

The story of the images from photographer, Sarah J. Edwards:

"It’s not everyday your favourite rapper, GZA texts and asks you to come and shoot his groups’s show.

We were first introduced to Wu-Tang’s music while at Art School. It just caught your attention in a way like nothing else and still does. 

Sally and I started BLAG by using Saturday job wages, one hour photoshops, photocopiers in the college library and typewriters. 

We moved to London at 19 and really wanted to make BLAG glossy. So we got music industry jobs and hunted for anyone and everyone who could help.

Before we knew it we were face to face with GZA for his BLAG cover shoot and our first glossy. Again, we got the skilled Phil Knott in to shoot the cover, Sally and I still teens. GZA just didn’t want to do photos, somehow we persuaded him. He said he would walk one block around Mayfair and Phil would have to improvise with the allotted time and movement - GZA did not stand still for him once. 

Thankfully we got shots and an interview. Sally, GZA and I loved chatting so we kept in touch. Each and every time Sally and I visited NYC, we would spend time with GZA, whether it was a dinner or he was picking us up at the airport. It's true, he's an oracle.

I spent most of the Wu-Tang show in Hammersmith taking photos slowly, it’s not something usually done for live pictures. It’s normally three first songs and all the photographers are shouted and screamed at by security to leave the pit, as if they had been terribly naughty and outstayed their welcome.

Given this opportunity, I was able to study how each member moved around the stage, their synchronicity and catch them in ways not seen before."

We're delighted to be making special editions of the shots available as prints for the first time ever via the gallery shop, including some very limited runs for collectors. Purchase photos of Wu-Tang Clan.


Sally and Sarah created BLAG while at art college, using Saturday job wages. They grew it to become an international glossy, picking up and comers for covers and features ahead of the curve. They produced in-depth, down-to-earth editorial content leaning into humour and kindness, unveiling an empathetical view point not often seen. Over the years, the duo have produced and created hundreds of original shoots and interviews. Often undertaking multiple roles including: location, styling, photography and

interviewing, as well as collaborating with some of the world’s leading cinematographers, hair, make up and styling talents. They have directed promo for brands including Mercedes Benz, Nike and Essie and made short documentaries on ground-breaking artists including José Parlá and Futura 2000.

Original content created by Sally and Sarah includes BLAG covers featuring: André 3000, Beastie Boys, Cillian Murphy, OutKast, James McAvoy, N*E*R*D, Julian Casablancas, Slash, Les Twins and Joey Bada$$. Features included: Daft Punk, The Raconteurs, Amy Winehouse, Justice, MGMT, Phoenix, Andrew Garfield, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Helen McCrory and Janelle Monáe. Guest contributors to BLAG include: Chuck D, Questlove, Mike D, John Legend and Mark Ronson.

“The twins racked up an impressive list of cover stars.” - Complex
“While BLAG’s feature stars command the spotlight...the sisters’ personalities drive its vision.” - Metro

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