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Ten Essential Tips For A Stress Free Life by Tricky

The original story was first published in BLAG Vol. 2 Nø 10 print edition in 2009.

Introduction and Photography by Sarah J. Edwards
Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards

Tricky doesn't really need an introduction, he's one of contemporary music's most innovative and unconventional producer / musician / vocalists.

What we did discover however, having spent an afternoon with him is that he's great fun and down-to-earth. He's ever-so-slightly cocky – not always a bad thing, has grown up with a family full of characters and he never reads magazines, 'They're rubbish!' We did pack him off with BLAG though to see if we can prove him wrong... but before that we sat down together to hear his Ten Essential Tips For A Stress Free Life. Ahh, if only it was this simple.

Nø. 1

Money comes and goes so don't really worry about it.

Nø. 2

Never sit with your back to the door. You never know who's after you. You never know who's going to walk in the door. My uncle taught me that, but my uncle was a criminal might not apply to me, but it kind of sticks with you.

Nø. 3

Musicians should never take themselves too seriously because it can end at any minute. Your career can be over in a single. Musicians start relying on the 'I am,' 'I am an artist, I am a pop star' kind of thing. And it's always someone else's turn.

Nø. 4

Never rely on anybody.

Nø. 5

[When travelling in a different city] make sure you know the lingo. If you say the wrong thing, like you say 'What's up?' to someone in LA, you can have a problem. Always watch your surroundings really. Always know where you are and who you're with.

Nø. 6

If you're going to have a kid, hope you have a daughter rather than a boy. I always wanted a daughter, I've got two daughters and I prayed for daughters. Boys get ugly when they hit a certain age. You know, kids are all cute, but then at a certain age, the most beautiful boy just goes ugly, but women always stay cute. So, always make sure you have a baby girl. It's true though, beautiful boys, they can be so gorgeous and they get to that certain age, like six, seven or eight and they start losing it. Boys lose it, boys don't stay cute.

Nø. 7

Listen to your grandparents because they know exactly what the fuck is going on.

Nø. 8

Avoid looking like everybody else. Like these indie kids or these rap kids. Avoid uniforms.

Nø. 9

Avoid being too nice, if you're too nice, people take advantage of you. But also avoid being too nasty, cause you'll get a slap.

Nø. 10

Don't avoid women. Never avoid any woman. Especially any woman in distress, come to her aid. My grandmother taught me that.


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