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BLAG MUSIC Book, Editors Letter

Dear Readers,

Music’s impact on the human spirit is everywhere around us. More assessable and powerful than ever.

This book, ‘MUSIC,’ is a curated anthology of interviews with powerful contemporary musicians, all from the iconic BLAG magazine vault.

Over the course of these 300 pages, get inside the hearts and minds of some of contemporary music’s most admired, award-winning and talented artists. From Queens of the Stone Age, The Raconteurs and Beck, to Beastie Boys, Mike Shinoda and Amy Winehouse. Interviews are crafted and conducted by BLAG’s Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards, bringing their highly regarded, unique and personable approach, giving readers a refreshing experience, often wrapped in warm-hearted humour.

Sally and Sarah push the norm, role play into hilarity, encourage musicians to examine their own processes and dish out the kind of human advice that’s lesser heard and often desired.

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to sink into the many flavours of 'MUSIC'

Thank you,

Sally and Sarah



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