MANTA | Part Two: The Isle of Elisii Campi

MANTA Part Two: The Isle Of Elisii Campi

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Winter arrives back to Zeal after a successful test ride in the Manta. Discover the stunning Isle of Elisii Campi and meet its incredible residents.

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by Sally A. Edwards

It’s the near future and climate change is in high gear. Outside no air is safe to breathe nor water safe to drink.

One company does almost everything and employs almost everyone. It’s called Todo — which guess what, is also the city, the home, the village, the everything. It exclusively supplies fresh air and water to all its business associates and employees.

Its owner, Atlas is readying a round of investment for his latest solution: Floating Cities to combat the problem of rising sea levels. He’s also trying to buy the last few remaining independent companies. One of which is Zeal co-founded by adventurer, Winter, his best friend, Gio and the highly-proficient Eirene.

While out on a recon for Todo, Winter decides to push further, switching off comms and navigating unknown waters in a secret search of his own solutions.

Suddenly he gets caught in a huge wave which throws him off-board, knocks him out and washes him ashore, the the stunning, eco-system-perfect Isle of Elisii Campi.

Otherworldly woman, Thyme resides here living a healthy, busy yet quiet life. Blissfully unaware of the state of the land over the ocean.

After an awkward encounter, Thyme takes in injured and battered Winter. The Isle of Elisii Campi place is everything he’s been dreaming about and Thyme is happy to teach him about how nature works, on the condition he keeps the island a secret.

Unfortunately Todo heavies are hot on his heels, so upon guidance from the charismatic elder, Ren, Thyme ventures off her idyllic island with Winter to take down Todo bringing peace and love back to the planet.

A new work of fiction by Sally A. Edwards.


The Biggest Story On The Planet.

This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, establishments, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the authors imagination. Some real landmarks have been used, purely to set some glorious scenes.

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