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Amy Winehouse, Standing | Limited Edition Print

Amy Winehouse, Standing | Limited Edition Print


Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards


Available to purchase for the first time ever, this photograph of Amy Winehouse was taken exclusively for BLAG magazine. You can subscribe to read the original feature and see the photos from the session, plus unseen polaroids from the session.


The shoot took place in London in 2006. Originally published in Vol. 2 Nø 7 BLAG magazine.


Shot on 120 medium format film.


Open Editon

10” x 8” £95 each

Limited Edition

12” x 8” Edition of 100: £500.00 each

18” x 12” Edition of 75: £1,000.00 each

24” x 16” Edition of 50: £1,500.00 each

Hand signed and numbered by Sarah J. Edwards

Comes with Authenticity Certificate.


Made-to-order, prints take approximately 5-15 working days to complete.


As photographs are taken on film, there will be a gorgeous grain to the final image, particularly as sizes increase.


Images include a border, some slight image cropping may occur to accommodate paper sizing.


Before proceeding with your purchase, please read details below.


Buying this photograph doesn’t create a transfer of copyright, purchase is purely for enjoyment only.



    Sarah J. Edwards’ intimate portraits are firmly rooted in capturing natural emotion and are influenced by her love of iconic film.

    She empowers her subjects using inspiration of the silver screen’s greatest protagonists and using her own eclectic life experience. She directs them to express subtle emotion by using fictional scenarios to arouse thought.

    “I’m interested in humans, how we take on board compliments or criticism and how we sift through the mass of information presented to us on a daily basis to form our beliefs. What tools we take to support ourselves.”

    She draws inspiration from the work of directors from Martin Scorsee, Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson to Alfred Hitchcock and David Fincher.

    In 1992, while at Art School, Sarah along with her twin sister Sally A. Edwards founded a fanzine called ‘BLAG’. Realising it a rewarding outlet for their love of music, film, fashion and culture, the duo grew it to become an independent glossy distributed all around the world.

    This allowed Sarah to establish her photography style and shoot many of the worlds most recognisable musicians and actors in many stages of their careers. Her subjects include: Aaron Taylor Johnson, André 3000, Questlove, Adrien Brody, Amy Winehouse, Beastie Boys, Ciara, James McAvoy, OutKast, Queens of the Stone Age, Slash, Rinko Kikuchi, Noomi Rapace, Helen McCrory and John Legend.

    Sarah has also photographed for Rolling Stone, Dazed, The Guardian, Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan and Beastie Boys.



    British artist Sally A. Edwards is widely known for her striking art, particularly her work creating BLAG magazine, for which she is Design & Art Director. Sally co-Founded BLAG with her twin sister, Sarah J. Edwards, while studying at Art College.

    For more than 25 years, Sally has created art, design and art direction.

    She has art directed and produced shoots with Beastie Boys, Adrien Brody, OutKast, Amy Winehouse, Rupert Grint, Slash and many more, in some of London’s finest landmarks at backdrops and fashion’s most respected designers.

    Sally’s has been commissioned by Mercedes Benz, Pernod Riccard and Nike. She has directed commercial films for Nike, Mercedes Benz, L’Oreal and Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.


    Sally and Sarah also happen to appear on the album sleeve for Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing photographed by Corrine Day.

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