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Code of Conduct

Updated 19th February 2020 / February 2024


BLAG Director’s, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards’ mission is to be able create and operate in a safe, respectful, dignified, inspirational, fair and harmonious environment. We believe that this is of the greatest importance on well being, has a positive influence on those working and collaborating with us and is imperative for us being able to produce and create together. It is also and especially reflected in the final result for those enjoying the entertainment and products we create. 


As such, we set about our work in a professional and friendly manner and politely request any and all people working with us or collecting our work do so too. We maintain that we must all be able to work and produce in an environment that is free of any discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, threats or violence and do not tolerate any inappropriate conduct. This includes but is not limited to our film, video and photo shoots, interviews and promotion, business meetings and promotional events or any other situation where our directors, team members, those working or collaborating with us and our brand BLAG is being represented and via communications received on email or any physical or digital means.


We expect all collaborators, their representatives, creatives, freelancers, location proprietors, companies working with BLAG, as well as collectors and customers on whatever basis, are aware of equal opportunity, anti-harassment policies and are able to work and act in a dignified and professional manner. 


BLAG may request copies of policies from contributing third party companies for assurance. 


For the sake of BLAG agreements, contracts, exclusivity and associated with the production of our premium content and / or subject and all team(s) privacy, no-one other than the official BLAG camera operator(s), audio operator(s) or photographer(s), are permitted to take film, make audio recordings or photograph without written permission of the BLAG Directors and subjects and collectors and customers abide by our copyright policy.


BLAG is on the Data Protection Registration ZA339980

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