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BLAG Reel: Introduced by Will.I.Am



Play Video introduces Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards and BLAG on BLAG

Will.I.Am Interview Still

“The thing about Sally and Sarah that makes them special is their approach to people that they interview is from a friend point of view. They’ve figured out a way to get at your heart, to make a connection and so many people in this industry are so fake and a lot of people, they wear ulterior motives, you can see it, you can smell it.. And with them, it’s just the coolest folk, you know as if when we turn up in their country, they’re the safe house. They’re the ones that make you feel at home when you’re homesick. It’s rare to have that in people, you have to be very genuine to have that quality and have that quality last. 

So Sarah and Sally have this hypnotic quality, where you can’t bullshit them. They’ll be like, ‘What’s wrong?’ And you just have to tell them the truth.”

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